New Years Eve | Réveillon: Inspirational Looks

2012 ends in two days, and as we all know it’s the time for everything to shine and sparkle. New years eve or réveillon is a highly anticipated party time and everyone tries their best to look good.

I’m not going to tell you how to dress, but from my fair experience I advise you to look good (well, obviously) but also look confortable and warm (remember, it’s winter), you don’t want to spend your party time freezing or borrowing some guy’s tuxedo. I’m sure you didn’t spend all that time choosing an outfit and pampering yourself to end up looking like a half penguin (no offense). Choose your shoes wisely! Because if you can’t walk in those, you better leave them at home. Use flats, use wedges or lower heel, just don’t try to impress in high heels if you’re going to spend the night complaining or sitting or (in worse case scenario) barefoot. Remember: you can look gorgeous and confortable!

So here I’m sharing some party looks I’ve been collecting to my inspirational style book, I hope it gives you some insights on what to wear. You’ll see I’ve got a thing for gold and black, even though my outfit (that is already picked) isn’t like any of these at all. But I’ll give you a glimpse tomorrow ;) . In the mean time, enjoy and if you have some suggestions, share it on the comments section or on the blog’s Facebook page.


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  1. nicole says:

    nice <333 so lovely looks… <3
    want them all.

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