Crop tops & Midi skirts

image1xxl 8 Crop tops & Midi skirts

Photo by: Asos

Being the curvy type of woman that I am, with a non flat stomach whatsoever, I never got the “crop top fever” that’s been around since… last year, maybe?

And midi skirts were never that interesting for me, since I’m a mini skirt/shorts fan myself. Plus, I never thought that midi skirts were compatible with my sort of rock n’ roll style, I mean, I look at Atlantic Pacific as a reference when it comes to midi skirts, and the woman pulls it off like nobody else, but it wasn’t exactly my style.

But then I saw this look on Asos, and fell in love. I saved the picture on my files (I like to have my own style library for reference), and started to obsess over the look. Edgy and rock n’ roll, with ankle boots and a leather jacket. Plus, a total black outfit. I didn’t bought anything right away, it took me about 3 or 4 weeks to decide on buying the skirt and a crop top (my first!). The crop top I went for is from Nasty Gal, and I can’t wait to get my paws on it. I just hope it looks good on me, as well as the skirt.

I’ll probably post a picture here (it’s been way too long since I don’t post my own pictures), because I’ll be definitely stepping out of my comfort zone.

What do you think about the look?

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End of Summer mood

c600x500 End of Summer mood

The party season is over (or almost over), the days are getting shorter and shorter and even though it’s still very warm, we can all sense that Autumn is coming. Which isn’t exactly that bad, considering that I like living in tights and leather jackets. And the thought of wearing jeans covering up my legs doesn’t sound too claustrophobic either.

Welcome, september. Please bring the good vibes, love and fun!

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Leopard print shoes

c600x612 Leopard print shoes

I never thought I would be the type of person who would love leopard print, ever. I grew up with this idea that animal print was tacky, but somehow that idea changed and leopard print grew up on me.
I still don’t like leopard print jackets, or pants, but I absolutely love it on shoes, bags and belts. And last year and this year as well I’ve seen a lot of gorgeous shoes in this print and I can’t get enough.

I’m dying for these Steve Madden slip ons and sneakers, and the Bronx ones are so me!

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Camel coats for Fall/Winter

c600x344 Camel coats for Fall/Winter

Last year I bought two coats, which was a great investment, especially with the recurrent trips to Norway, and because I only had one before. I got a navy blue woolen one from Zara, super warm, and the other one was a woolen grey from Sheinside, but not as warm as the Zara one. I also took my old black suede coat from my closet, I haven’t used it since my University days and fell in love with it again. Too bad I didn’t gave it too much use anyway, since well… I live in this warm island and I work from home, so I don’t go out as much.

Anyway, I’ve been wanting to invest in another good coat, not like the one from Sheinside (the lining is super cheap quality). I want it in camel, since it goes well with everything, especially black (I love the combo). I don’t know if I’m going to invest in one this year, or wait for the next sales, who knows, but here are 3 good options. I’m more undecided between the one from Asos and the shorter one from Mango. They’re both perfect and with a good percentage of wool, which means warm. I like the long one from Mango as well, but it kind of reminds me of my dad’s bathrobe, lol.

We’ll see, we’ll see icon wink Camel coats for Fall/Winter

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