Leopard print shoes

c600x612 Leopard print shoes

I never thought I would be the type of person who would love leopard print, ever. I grew up with this idea that animal print was tacky, but somehow that idea changed and leopard print grew up on me.
I still don’t like leopard print jackets, or pants, but I absolutely love it on shoes, bags and belts. And last year and this year as well I’ve seen a lot of gorgeous shoes in this print and I can’t get enough.

I’m dying for these Steve Madden slip ons and sneakers, and the Bronx ones are so me!

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Camel coats for Fall/Winter

c600x344 Camel coats for Fall/Winter

Last year I bought two coats, which was a great investment, especially with the recurrent trips to Norway, and because I only had one before. I got a navy blue woolen one from Zara, super warm, and the other one was a woolen grey from Sheinside, but not as warm as the Zara one. I also took my old black suede coat from my closet, I haven’t used it since my University days and fell in love with it again. Too bad I didn’t gave it too much use anyway, since well… I live in this warm island and I work from home, so I don’t go out as much.

Anyway, I’ve been wanting to invest in another good coat, not like the one from Sheinside (the lining is super cheap quality). I want it in camel, since it goes well with everything, especially black (I love the combo). I don’t know if I’m going to invest in one this year, or wait for the next sales, who knows, but here are 3 good options. I’m more undecided between the one from Asos and the shorter one from Mango. They’re both perfect and with a good percentage of wool, which means warm. I like the long one from Mango as well, but it kind of reminds me of my dad’s bathrobe, lol.

We’ll see, we’ll see icon wink Camel coats for Fall/Winter

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What I got on sales (& what I regret buying)

c600x497 What I got on sales (& what I regret buying)

This year I accomplished 2 things during the sales: #1 I actually bought something that I was looking for to find on sales (the blazer from Zara). I had tried it on when it came out and loved it but I decided to wait and it actually paid off. Blazers are always easy to find at the sales, but I’m really happy that I got the one. #2 I only bought 4 items. That’s right, no clutter, no cheap stuff to clog my wardrobe, only 4 pieces (and I actually regret one of them).

I wanted Jeffrey Campbell shoes for too long, it’s a fact. I survived the “Lita” fever, didn’t buy any, but this year I was looking for comfortable everyday shoes, something between sandals and ankle boots for summer, so I thought these JC’s would be perfect, especially at half-price.But they ended up being a bit too tight and hurt. I gave them too many chances (since leather is supposed to stretch a bit), but nop. No chance. So here’s a tip if you buy JC shoes: order a half size bigger than your size.

As for the pants, they’re in faux-leather, kinda baggy and warm, very warm, so I’m saving them for winter times, therefor I don’t have much more to say about them, since I haven’t wore them yet. But they seem comfortable and cool, and I got a really good deal on them.

Last but not least: the suede jacket. For me leather jackets are never too much, I have to admit, especially because I have a few leather jackets in my wardrobe already, but this one was actually bought out of necessity. That’s right, necessity! I bought it in Helsinki this summer, because I was freezing! I had only tops and lightweight clothing while there and even in the summer the temperatures were something between 6º-12º ! Luckily for me the stores at Kampii (the shopping center) were all on sale and I got this jacket for half price at Mango and I’m very happy with it.

Soon I’ll make a post with some pictures from the trip to Helsinki to share with you icon wink What I got on sales (& what I regret buying)


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Fur & Leather Slip Ons

c600x578 Fur & Leather Slip Ons

Fall/Winter collections are hitting the stores, for my joy, since I’m an assumed fan of fall & winter clothing far more than the summer fashion. Maybe it has something to do with darker colors and thicker textures, I’m not sure. I love summer, but for me summer is all about flip flops, tank tops and shorts, occasionally a dress or a skirt. And it’s always so hot and moist that all I want is to take it all off. Don’t you feel the same?

Anyway, this was a long intro for what I really want to talk today: shoes. And while there’s so much I would like to talk about it all comes down to my birthday, and a choice I need to make between these too.

In one hand, I don’t have any burgundy shoes, or anything in this color to be exact, but I feel this is a color that goes well with pretty much everything (at least in my wardrobe), and the fact that they are actually sneakers means that they will be comfortable, warm and well loved, as I would wear them a lot (I’ve been in a non-heels phase for too long, and loving it). The sole is pretty much the same as the Jeffrey Campbell sneakers/sandals I bought a few months ago, but unfortunately the JC’s are a little bit tight and hurt and I will probably try to sell them.

On the other hand, these Steve Madden’s are perfect: flat, confy, warm and in beautiful leopard print, which undoubtedly goes well with everything and I would definitely wear them all time. I have a pair of all star converse look-alikes from Pull & Bear from last year, and I wore them so much they actually have holes, so these would definitely be a good substitute because I can’t get enough of leopard print on shoes.

So, which ones should I pick up?

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